Why not just buy cheaper automated / robotic clicks?

Our competitors use bots and automated programs to simulate Google searches and clicks.
SerpClix is the only service that sends real human visitors to search your keywords and visit your website. We have a pool of over 300,000 clickers who we pay individually to complete your click orders. There is no other service that offers this amazing and complex crowd-sourced system.

SerpClix uses real human clickers because fake automated or robotic clicks DO NOT WORK. Public proxies are always detectable by Google. Private proxies do not have enough of a random IP address range. PhantomJS and other popular headless browsers leave footprints that are very difficult to cover.

Google is the leading expert in the world at detecting robotic traffic. Their entire advertising business depends on being able to tell human visitors apart from bots.

In fact, Google manages the most popular service for preventing robotic traffic, reCAPTCHA:

If you've ever encountered one of the little "I'm not a robot" check boxes you've experienced Google's anti-robot platform. And the newer versions of reCAPTCHA work behind the scenes and don't even need the checkbox to know whether you are a robot or not.

Unfortunately real humans are more expensive than robots, and SerpClix is more expensive than fake bot traffic. But - as with so many things - you get what you pay for! 

Please don't throw your money away or, worse, get your site penalized by buying fake bot traffic from other services. Let SerpClix's army of real human clickers drive targeted traffic to your website, increase your organic CTR, and boost your SEO rankings.