How Do I Do a Google Business Profile (GBP, formerly Google My Business/GMB) or Google Maps Order?

How to Create a Google Maps / Google Business Profile (GBP) Order

  • Enter a keyword phrase, just like a regular Google Search order.
    • But because our clickers will search Google Maps the keyword phrase should include a subject and a location; for example: "chicago illinois injury attorney"
  • You also enter the URL for the business, and an optional second URL (again, this is the URL for your website, not the Google Maps URL)
  • You also enter the Business Name

Note: When you do a Google Maps / GBP order on our system the URL you enter should be the URL for your own website, not the URL for the page on Google. 

Our clickers can find your listing in Google Maps using the keyword phrase and business name you enter. They do that search, then they click on your listing, and then they click on the website link to go to your business website. (And then, optionally, you can have them visit a second page on your website.) 

Please make sure to use your own business website URL, not the Google URL. 

If you don't have a separate business website then our recommendation is to use a Direct Traffic order to drive traffic directly to your Google Business Profile page.