What if I am not ranked at all or my URL does not appear in the first 100 Google search results?

Our core service is focused on improving SEO rankings by increasing the click through rate (CTR) of your organic search listings. Our clickers search for your keyword phrase and then find your listing in the search results and click on, thus sending a positive signal to Google. If our clickers cannot find your listing when they search for your keyword then they will not be able to complete your click orders.
In this case, obviously there are many other SEO techniques you could apply that are beyond the scope of what SerpClix is able to offer (backlinks, indexing, content. meta tags, etc).
But SerpClix can still help! One thing you can do is start with keywords that you do already rank for. For example, you might use your company name or product / brand name or even your website URL as your keyword phrase. Increasing the CTR for these keywords can help increase their rankings and could help you down the road to rank for other, more competitive search terms.
We also offer a Direct Traffic option whereby our clickers will visit your URL directly without doing a keyword search first. This can help to get the ball rolling with increased traffic to your site, which can have a number of positive effects on your site and eventual SEO rankings.
We also offer Bing searches, YouTube searches, and many other variations of Google searches including Google Images, Google Maps / Google My Business, Google News and Google Videos. If your website can be found in any of these locations then you can use the SerpClix service to boost the CTR of those listings.