My Order was Denied, what should I do?

In order for our service to work our clickers must be able to find your URL when they search for your keyword phrase. 

On the Order History page in your account you will see that the Clicker % for this order is very low. The Clicker % shows the number of successful clicks from our clickers as a percentage of the number of attempts. A low Clicker % means our clickers are trying to find your listing but most or all of them are not finding it. If the clicker percentage remains low then our system will automatically Deny the order.

Please keep in mind that, even though you might be able to find your listing in the top 100 results, our clickers might not. Due to personalization and localization factors Google can show different results to different people, so the search results you see may not match what everyone else can see.

 To correct a denied or low clicker percentage order you have these options:


You can edit the order to any keyword/URL combo that our clickers will be able to find within the first 100 search results.


Our clickers can visit your URL directly without doing a keyword search first. If you just want to send traffic directly to a URL then we recommend changing the order to a Direct Traffic Order.


You can cancel the order and the unused credits will be automatically returned to your balance, which you can then use to create a new order.