How do credits work? How many credits do I need?

Clicks from the All Country tier are 9 credits per click, and any of the individual geographic tiers are 17 credits per click. You can use this calculator to estimate how many clicks you need.

What if I need more credits?

You can purchase more credits at any time. Keep in mind that the higher the package you choose, the more the credits are discounted. Click on My Membership, select a subscription plan, and complete the purchase process. The credits from the plan you select will be added to any used credits you currently have, and your subscription period will be reset to begin today.

What happens to my unused credits if I cancel my subscription?

Your active orders will continue to be filled until your subscription expires. When your subscription expires your orders will be cancelled and any unused credits will also expire.

Tip:If you find you are not using all of your credits each month you can downgrade to a smaller plan.