Should I restrict the country / geographic location?

We offer clicker targeting at the Country-level only currently. Whether to use clickers from our All Country tier or to restrict the clickers to one or more individual countries is entirely your preference. 

Using the All Countries tier will result in the widest possible pool of clickers. Additionally, pricing for the All Countries tier is lower than pricing for the individual country tiers (9 credits per click versus 17 credits per click). 

However, if your website is specifically targeted to users in a particular country then you may find it worthwhile to limit the clickers to that country as well. There is no right or wrong way to do it and we have customers having success using both methods. Keep in mind that, in either case, the clickers will be real humans with real high-quality IP addresses.

For local-targeted searches, keep in mind that you can include a location as part of the keyword that our clickers search for. For example "dry cleaners Chicago IL". Including a location in the keyword phrase will tell Google to show results for that location, regardless of where the clicker's IP address is located.

How Do I Restrict the Clickers to My Country?

There is an option to limit clickers to one or more individual countries under the Advanced Options on the order form. It's not possible to change this setting for an active order, but you can easily Cancel the order (the unused credits are automatically returned to your balance) and then use the Copy button to create a new copy of the order, and then change the clicker country setting on the new order before you submit it.