How do you ensure IP Diversity?

We do a number of things to promote IP diversity on your orders. We throttle the number of clicks that any individual clicker can do each day. We also limit each clicker to a maximum of one click per order in a given time period. We also impose some additional restrictions so that any individual clicker will only be presented with one order from your account within a certain time period.

Getting repeat clicks from the same IP is not necessarily a problem - and does not limit the potential SEO benefit from increasing your organic CTR. There are many sites that see repeat visitors day after day, or even multiple times per day. There is no reason why Google would consider this to be a negative signal.

That said, if you want to maximize the IP diversity on your SerpClix orders then we recommend using the All Country tier. This opens up your orders to our pool of 200,000 clickers worldwide and makes IP duplication much less likely.

To do so, follow these steps:
  • Click on Cancel to cancel your current orders (the unused credits will be returned to your balance)
  • Then click on Copy to create a copy of that order
  • Change the clicker country on the new order to All Countries