Questions about Memberships and Billing

Does My Membership Automatically Renew?

All of our memberships renew automatically each month - there are no long-term commitments or contracts. You can cancel automatic billing at any time through your account - just click on the Cancel button on your My Membership page. 

Can I Renew Early?

Yes, you can purchase more credits at any time. Just go to the My Membership page, select a plan, and complete the checkout. The new credits will be immediately added to your balance, and the new membership will automatically replace your previous membership.

What if I need more credits?

You can purchase more credits at any time. Keep in mind that the higher the package you choose, the more the credits are discounted. Click on My Membership, select a subscription plan, and complete the purchase process. The credits from the plan you select will be immediately added to any used credits in your balance, and your new subscription will automatically cancel and replace your previous subscription.

How can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

You can upgrade or downgrade your membership to a different level at any time. 

To do so, simply visit the My Membership page of your account, select the membership level you want going forward, and complete the checkout process. 

The credits from the new membership you purchase will be immediately added to your balance, your billing date will reset to one month from today, and the new membership will automatically replace your previous membership. 

Doing this does not affect any of your orders - your active orders will remain active.

How Can I Update / Change My Billing Info?

Because we don't store your payment information locally there isn't an easy way for us to do that. The simplest way to change your billing information is to simply purchase a new membership. You can use your same account and do so at any time on the My Membership page of your account. When you do the new credits will be immediately added to your balance, and the new membership will automatically replace your previous membership and the previous one will be cancelled (don't worry - you'll never have two memberships at the same time). 

If you don't want to purchase a new membership, but you still want to make sure the current method is not charged again, you can use the Cancel button on the My Membership page to cancel your current billing. If you do this, your membership and current orders will remain active until the end of your current billing period, but will not be renewed again. If you do this you can still have the option to purchase a new membership before that date to have everything remain active.

Can I Get an Invoice?

You can download invoices at any time through your account. Just click on Invoices in the upper-right hand corner to view and download your available invoices. You can also click on My Profile to edit your company information.

What Happens If I Pause My Billing?

If you pause your monthly subscription then we will not bill it again until you tell us to resume the subscription. (Note: the Pause billing option is only available if you use PayPal as your billing method. Our credit card processor unfortunately does not allow pausing.)

If you cancel your monthly subscription then we simply won’t bill it again. But you can always start a new subscription whenever you are ready, or simply do a one-time purchase of more credits.

Either way, any active orders in your account will remain active, and any unused credits will remain in your balance.

Do I have to be billed every month?

Our monthly memberships are billed automatically each month. You can cancel at any time on your My Membership page.

We do also offer a one-time billing option that allows you to purchase additional credits without a monthly subscription. Scroll down to the bottom of the My Membership page to see this option:

It's too expensive! Is there a cheaper plan?

All of our pricing is available on this page:

The Starter plan is the smallest plan that we offer, and includes about 500 clicks/month in the All Country tier, or about 265 clicks/month in an individual country tier.

Our service is definitely going to be more expensive than our competitors, but this is due to our focus on quality. Every search and click that's done on our service is done manually, by an actual human. Further, we verify that their IP address is real and we use a third-party service to assign a quality score to every IP address and only allow high quality ones through.

We think it is necessary to have this quality focus because Google is very good at identifying bot traffic and low-quality IP traffic.

Please keep in mind that our service gets much cheaper on a price-per-click basis if you purchase one of the larger packages. The Bronze package, for example, gives you 32% more clicks per dollar than the Starter package, and the Silver package is 64% more.

Please see this article for more on the difference between using human clicks and using automated robotic clicks:

That said, we do have a lower-cost $97/month plan available upon request only. Here is a link you can click on that will enable to $97/month plan as an option in your account:

Do you offer discounts or special agency pricing?

Our larger membership packages have deep discounts already built in - for example the Gold package saves you 80% per click over the Starter package. With the built in discount it makes a lot of sense to purchase a larger package and use the credits over time. We have many agencies as customers and this is what they typically do.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

You can Cancel your billing at any time on the My Membership page of your account - just click on the big Cancel button. Here's a direct link to that page:

What happens to my unused credits if I cancel my subscription?

Your active orders will continue to be filled until your subscription expires. When your subscription expires your orders will be cancelled and any unused credits will also expire.

Tip: If you find you are not using all of your credits each month you can downgrade to a smaller plan.

Why Was I Charged $1 for Free Trial?

The $1 is a temporary authorization only to verify that the card is legitimate. It is not a charge. The temporary authorization will be released by your credit card company within a few days.